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Cathejell is an individually, sterile-packed lubricant gel perfectly suited for the operating theatre and the doctor’s office
. Designed by Urologists to optimise patient outcomes and prevent urethral trauma. The accordion syringe permits an easy, single-handed application and allows for a controlled, smooth and gentle introduction of the lubricant gel, thoroughly lubricating the urethral wall. Cathejell's unique features also allow for optimised sterile technique and aspiration of gel and urine.

  • Accordion design allows for slow, controlled introduction of lubricant to urethra, preventing spillage into the bladder and complete urethral lubrication
  • Single-hand-use design for aseptic technique and easier handling
  • High viscosity gel prevents leakage and ensures durable urethral lubrication
  • Steam sterilisation resulting in higher contents of active ingredients 
  • Paraben and latex free

Designed By Urologists For Optimal Lubrication